Diwali Rangoli

So it was Diwali(the festival of lights) yesterday and I made this Rangoli out of cloves and black pepper seeds.

We celebrate the return of Lord Rama after 14 years of exile. Fireworks and rangolis are a great part of this festival.



My Rangoli of India Gate in Delhi

Halloween Night with Fairy Tales

Little miss muffet was on her way,

To buy herself a little more whey.

The shop came close and all her stuff she got,

But instead of returning home she made a quick stop.


At the costume parlour on Halloween night,

Oh how she hated those spider guts,

To take revenge was absolutely right,

And scare him till he got a fright.


Ding dong the bell rang,

What can I get you, Belle sang.

A costume of a birdie in blue is all I ask,

It’s time to get even with my young friend on scare task.


Belle gave her a pearly smile and replied on,” How lovely”

Look we have the perfect thing for you,

Now you go give him a terrifying night,

And then turn him into a stew.


Yes that’s exactly what I am going to do,

Torture him so that he won’t trouble me again.


Tell me beauty how’s your beast,

You two together look so sweet.

Your fairytale is so divine,

And I wish it could be mine.


Hurt and anger clouded belle’s face,

And she went into another flashback of that phase.


Destiny turned him into a man,

But he become a jerk.

You know what!!

He left me for a princess of his worth.


And now I am stuck with Gaston as my hubby,

Who is obsessed with me,

And treats me like a maid,

Plus he makes me pick up his dirty socks and plates.


Oh my darling you deserve so much more,

It’s Halloween so why don’t you teach Beast a lesson.

You trick him, don’t treat him,

Go make him pay.

Destroy his beautiful rose garden,

Then see him go cray cray.


The two let out an evil laugh,

Thinking about the devious plan.

Somebody’s night was about to be wrecked,

And another’s revenge was about to be satisfied.


The rest I can’t tell, as it will affect the young children and make them yell.


While on the other part of the town…..

Somebody came across,

A girl and a wolf,

Who had been quite lost.


The girl grinned,

The wolf looked uneasy,

She took out a beautiful costume,

From a bag brought from Caprese.


Why…. oh why….

The wolf cried,

First you get me shot,

And then you turn me into a baby bot.


Little Miss Riding Hood moved the pram forward,

And the next house she reached,

Belonged to a pretty maiden,

“Trick or treat”, Little Missy shouted.

Out came Cinderella wearing slippers made of chocolate.


I see you have got a big pumpkin tonight,

But don’t you think it should be carved, right?


Well you see,

Cindy sighed,

I picked out the biggest pumpkin from the pumpkin patch,

But with it I got Peter’s woman attached,

She threatned she would Sue me,

If I even cut a slice,

So instead I painted a warning on it….

‘That a monster lives inside’.


Cindy laughed,

Little Missy giggled,

While the wolf cried out in pain,

Therefore a slap on the face is all he got,

As he continued to howl in vain.


The fairytale town was in a lot of mess,

People going mad dressed in red.

The chaos started with just on spark,

By Little Miss Muffet who used to be a sweetheart.


This was a story of our young characters,

Who seem to be enjoying their day from the start.


So my dear little reader,

Now listen to me tight….

They are your sweets and don’t you divide,

Cause Halloween is all about ‘No rules applied’.


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The Little Girl in blue

Those hazel eyes reflected her smile,
The tiny feet ran to me,
A jump into my arms was all it took,
And my little girl in blue was she.

The mischievous glint reflected in that smile,
Causing me to be wary.
Of the frilly dressed baby,
Who was my cute little deary.

Curly strands of dark hair,
Framed her bird like face.
The little girl of six,
Had the twelve year old enveloped in her embrace.

My Lilly was in her full bloom,
The spring air making her sway.
But unfortunately as the day set,
Gradually she withered away.

Days passed by,
While your chemotherapy increased.
Your tiny body was trapped with machines,
And my salty tears had unleashed.

The hands of the clock stopped,
Taking your last breath with it.
Leaving just a memory,
Of a little girl in blue full of wit.

You were a smart girl, kiddo
Who knew what her fate was about to be….
And even though darkness was filling our world,
You did not let that smile falter, for me to see.

You taught me to be brave,
In the most difficult of times,
Like a small spark,
That can light up the whole night.

Remember how you gave me your favorite doll, Beauty
To lay her next to you,
But I failed to do so,
As I was afraid to let you go.

All the nights I cried,
Waiting for your return,
To hear the laughing voice of my little sister
That hope was slowly getting burnt.

The ray of desire,
Slowly grew when reality struck right in,
That maybe you are not here in flesh and bones,
But you will always be alive in my heart as my younger twin.

Today five years later, I stand at your burial ground,
With Beauty in my hand,
The blue Lilies cover your epitaph,
But without you my heart feels so bland.

You taught me hundreds of things,
In your small span of time.
But the most important was,
That every creature is divine.

Thank you-
For pulling me out of my misery, my grief,
For loving me with your large heart,
For the times you made me laugh,
And for being a part of my past.

If I ever hurt you,
The times I fought with you,
If I made you cry,
But your elder sister will always be by your side.

So here’s your beauty,
I hope it keeps you company,
The same way I will too,
So Goodbye and……. Thank you



A Letter to My Abuser

This is not my story. This letter has been taken from my friend’s experience and the rest is fictional.


Hey…….. Sorry but we both know that you don’t deserve my hey. You must be wondering why after all these years I decided to talk to you, especially through a letter. I mean letters were for your loved ones right ! And here I am trying to express my feelings to a person who isn’t even worthy of knowing them.
Remember that time in 8th grade when we first met, that charming smile you gave me that lit up my sad day. You and uncle were visiting our family for the first time and I was so excited to finally have an elder brother even though you are practically my cousin or, was my cousin. Now you are just dead for me. Until then I thought that brothers were supposed to protect their sisters from all the hurtful things that came their way but you just did the opposite. I even remember how you didn’t aike it when anyone interrupted you or how you got angry when nobody let you speak. But today I’ll be the one speaking and you will listen to me no matter how much you don’t want to. I still can’t forget that day when both are families were out, leaving the two of us alone at home. I have no idea when that brotherly love turned into lust. I was so engrossed in watching television that I didn’t even realized when you had closed all the doors and windows and were coming for me. Your touch made me feel uneasy, I did not like it but still you kept on going. You deliberately forced yourself on me even though I said no. Now tell me what part of no didn’t you understand!! I was frozen, horrified and scared to death. You broke me, destroyed me, left me in a place where home seemed far away. I was afraid to tell this to anyone, afraid of my family, the society but mostly you. I failed to understand why did you do this to me. All the time we spent together laughing and chatting, was it just a trap! You made a web like a spider where I felt trapped, come to think of it a spider is even better than people like you who just uses the people who love them. At least a spider kills its prey but you left your prey at a point where it felt devastated.

But you know what, you made me strong. You made me realize that I do not need a brother/guy to protect me, I can fight my own battles. I just hope that I wouldn’t have been so dependent on anybody that day and I should have stood up for myself. God forbid that you or any person does that to another girl because then I won’t stop to punch you in the face or even get you arrested.
And to answer your previous question, I wrote this letter to warn you or in fact every guy who think that they are superior to others. I hope that God shows you and the others like you the right way.
~ Your brave survivor who will definitely beat you up this time


Bloody Night

HAPPY OCTOBER! WELCOME TO TANKA TUESDAY! Hi! I’m glad to see you here. Are you ready to write some syllabic poetry? HERE’S THE CATCH: You can’t use the prompt words! SYNONYMS ONLY! Except for the first challenge of the month ~ then, the poets get to choose their own words. ❤ I hope you will support the other […]

via Colleen’s Weekly #Tanka Tuesday #Poetry Challenge No. 105, “Color & Creepy,” #SynonymsOnly — Colleen Chesebro ~ The Fairy Whisperer


Those red tinges of the moon in the dark sky
Were the hint that something was definitely not right
The howl of the wolf on that night
Clawed on the dangers lurking close by
A deeper shade of red fell
From the black ocean above
Blood rained from heaven
End was near
Night symbolized


Nail and Thread Art-IISF

There was this event held in Lucknow by the name of India International Science Festival(IISF) where are team made these art pieces using nail and thread.


Nail and thread art: Our way of expressing love for those amazing scientists who made our country reach great heights.

My Experience with Nail and Thread Art:

Seeing those huge boards(for the first time) covered with plaster of Paris, my mind was in a state of shock. The only thought that was hammering in my mind was “Are these two giants kidding with me!” They want us small kids(emphasis on us small kids) to make six nail and thread art drawings in just five days. Everybody was very enthusiastic about the whole idea (whisper*or they were just pretending to be*) and me being the audacious girl, I voiced my opinion or in that case my laughter which had been gurgling inside me  for quite a while now. And when the laughter burst out, everybody gave me a deadpan look. “Ohhh….. So you guys are serious about it. My fault!” Talk about an embarrassing moment.

Anyway,  so the work started and was going on in full swing when I decided to join in. At first I was reluctant about the whole idea(as I am a pathetic artist) but as we say ‘Curiosity killed the cat’ and I was desperate to learn this new form of art so I tried my hand at it. And today in front of the whole world I would like to announce that most of the mistakes were made by me but I won’t like to take credit for it, (I mean I don’t want the others to feal to jealous of me, you know) therefore I scooted away. Intelligent huh!

But do you really want to know what the highlight of this whole experience was: that we worked as a team. We put our differences aside and worked together to bring these portraits to life. Shubhangi and Drashti I salute your dedication towards the work, not only did you give your 100% but without that magic in your fingers, these 10 by 10 giant masterpieces would have only been a dream, Sameer and Aviral your eye catching photography and videos attracted art lovers from all over India, something which wouldn’t have been possible without you guys. And most importantly, our two giants, Chitvan Bhaiya and Prateek bhaiya, I have no words for you, that creative brain of yours which thought up these wonderful ideas is not something which everyone has. Thank you for making us a part of this.






Chitwan Bhaiya

Internship Program LKO 20181007_215342~2.jpg



Prateek Bhaiya

And here’s a beautiful description about what nail and thread art really is. It’s written by Chitvan Bhaiya and I couldn’t have expressed it any better.

Nail & Thread art portraits are unique, just like how every particle in creation has a force acting on every other, we use nails and connect them using threads symbolic to all these forces. With the connections that are all around, some are strong, some are weak, likewise we use different strings at gaps, angles, thickness illustrating the depth of eyes, nose and face. Darkness and light creates a 3D just like how matter in the universe comes into play which is just a wave function in another perspective.
You may cherish our dedication to these scientific minds of India

These great scientists were not concerned about getting fame or making money, their motive was to benefit the nation, its people, all of us and I won’t deny that they succeeded in their attempt.

The light was dim so the pictures aren’t clear.


Har Gobind Khorana


A P J  Abdul Kalam


Vikram Sarabhai


Homi J Bhabha


Dr. C V Raman


J C Chandra Bose


Atal Bihari Vajpai

Whenever you want something from your heart and you put your mind and soul into it, you never fail to achieve that goal. Hence making this huge project a reality, I present to you:

                                     Team Chit1❤

Internship Program LKO 20181007_215342.jpg

Team Chit1❤