Women’s Fire


Interesting words.

Now you will ask me why do I call these words interesting?

Well people who say these words find them interesting, oh sorry I’ll correct myself people who ‘do’ these words find them interesting.

Why do people do these words you ask, maybe some mental problem, oh no, definitely some mental problem. Otherwise why would one human being disrespect other human being in such a dirty manner. What do these people get out of it, maybe pleasure for some time and then once it gets over, they return to their gloomy life and they want more of it, more of this lust.

I don’t think that there is a lot of difference between the two genders, yeah the body structure is a bit different, many times the quality of voice is also different but that’s it. Why the hell do you want to make your life or somebody else’s life miserable. And if you need a solution to your mental problem there are psychiatrists in this world, they will definitely help you out.

Because if you don’t sort out your ways then I can guarantee to you that in the near future, a fire will rise and there will be no stopping to it and slowly and gradually you will get burnt in this heat. So beware.

That will be the fire of the women.

It’s for those people who think that they can get away with anything.




You might have heard people say that after a dreadful dark night the beautiful sunny day comes. The dark night ends, the sun arises and everything goes back to normal but sometimes these events can interchange. sometimes these nights are not so bad as people tend to make them. Have you ever looked at the moon and stars which shine in the night sky and noticed how beautiful and peaceful they are. I just love to sit under the night sky and look up at the various possibilities that are staring right back at me. On the other hand, on a summer day the sunlight seems too harsh to even stand under the sky. Same is the case with life there is some person waiting to make your life better; to be the moon of your sky, so cherish those moments with them. And  that person might come when you least expect them to guide you through the harsh sun.

Do tell me in the comments about the moon of your sky – the person who loves you to the square of infinity.


Running Away

Sleep….one of the greatest remedies to ease out your pain. Hm, well, at least I thought so. The darkness which engulfs you in its arms and takes you to your own little world where all the sorrows end. And when you wake up the nightmare which was going on before you slept is over, finished, but only, if you are lucky. Most of the times I just want to crawl up in my bed, cover my face with a blanket, close my eyes and run away. Run away from the problem which has been lurking on my head like a big dark cloud, ready to have a downpour. Unfortunately running doesn’t help because when I wake the problem is standing right in front of me with a smug on its face. The monster grew while I tried to run away.


Birthday Wishes

My brother turned nineteen today, so happy for him. A small gesture showing my love for him. Have a blast today bhai(brother).

Eighteen years have rolled by,

And here you stand again.

Though the time has flown by,

It has been worth the pain.

From a little boy to a young man,

You have made it here at last.

Now another year added to your life’s song book,

Starting with a birthday song from my heart.


Letter to Life

Hey life,

So I guess we meet again or let’s say you have been here the whole time and I did not care to notice your presence. I still remember the first time I saw you, the contract which you made me sign with the intake of my first breath. I clearly remember the terms and conditions of the bond stating that ‘life is difficult it won’t be easy’, at that point it was a bit hard understanding what you meant but through my journey everything has started to make sense and all the pieces of this jicksaw puzzle have started to fall in its place. At the end of the contract it was stated in bold black letters that ” The bond expires at my death”. Without thinking much I had signed the contract by taking in my very first breath and came into this world. You know like every company you also had your own drawbacks which where not mentioned when I signed the contract. Like every other company you also surprised with a little gift, gift of being born on my first day into service which was the best thing that happened to me and since then my life has been full of surprises, some good some bad. Whenever I feel like at last everything is going back to normal and I’ll be having a good life now onwards, you come with something or the other to try to break me. But sorry to disappoint you I am not one of those people who can easily be broken. You know what, I challenge you to bring all sorts of obstacles in my life and I’ll fight them with all the power I can muster, then we’ll see who wins this ‘game of life’. You gave me lemons and expected me to make a lemonade out of it but no I’ll make my very own drink because that’s what makes me different from others,that’s what makes me unique. If you are a boundless ocean then I’ll swim across you and even if I don’t know how to swim I’ll learn it and won’t stop until I reach the shore. Take me to the edge, try to break me in the worst possible way you can but I promise you I won’t stop fighting till the end, until the bond expires. I’ll make my life worthwhile for you to see and feel proud of me. I won’t have any regrets when I leave this world and go into eternal peace because I would have lived you to the fullest.

– Your  brave survivor.

Now let’s face the cold hard truth the life which I  been talking about is none other than you, me, all of us. We create barriers for ourselves and get sad over it. We make our own lives complicated, nobody else does. We say that, we can’t control life but I’ll give you a good news, this power called life is in your own hands and it’s up to you how you are gonna use it. I know sometimes it gets very wild and out of hand but again you are the one who knows best how to control your own life. It’s a very precious gift make the best use out of it. Don’t waste it on  unnecessary things because once it’s gone, it’s gone.


Sati(Burning Of The Widow)

p4j participant.jpg


The Widow On Fire

My first short story.

Sati pratha or burning of the widow tradition was prevalent during the 16th century in India. This tradition stated that the widow had to sit on the pyre of her husband and end her life. Fortunately this tradition came to its end in the 18 century.

So here’s a small story which will take you to that period and give you a glimpse of the condition of the women back then.

I woke up feeling dizzy, couldn’t remember where I was or what was happening. Looking around I realized that I was in a small room probably of a hut with a broken window and muddy floor. Sunlight streamed in through the broken window showcasing the dusty walls. I went to check the doors but they were bolted from outside and did it even budge. Then it struck me, all my memories which were trapped somewhere in my mind came back to me like a brainstorm. It was then that I realized the cruciality of the situation. Every single detail of the past few days came back to me like a nightmare. The nightmare which was not supposed to become a reality was now a part of my life the same way it had come true for many women. I went to the window and looked outside only to see the pyre of my dead husband being set up for him to get burned engulfing me along with him. Tears were stinging my eyes threatening to come out any moment. I felt a cold breeze on my head and when I touched it I found my long jet black hair gone. They were shaved off after my husband took his last breath by the society, not even considering my opinion. I cried and tried my best to get out of their hands but they were too quick for me. When I protested the beat me till I was covered in blood and locked me inside this suffocating room. No, not even my family came to my rescue because they are woven in this mess of a society and feel that women have no rights. They gave me food which was not even fit for animals to eat.  

A few hours later, I heard some noise outside the door, the lock was being opened and they were coming for me. The whole village stood in front of me, watching me with emotionless eyes. I scanned the crowd and spotted my family standing at one corner of the room, not caring to do anything. Relentlessly I had to go outside to say goodbye to my life. Why was I getting a punishment, was it my fault that my husband was dead? The person who had murdered him was roaming free and here I was getting sacrificed instead of him. They picked me up and put me on the pyre which was prepared for the rituals. I was dressed in the same red Saree which I had worn on my wedding. The person they called “ Their Goddess “ was about to be sacrificed. The pyre was set on fire and even though I screamed and shouted due to the burning sensation, nobody gave any head to that. Many people in the crowd were crying but not for me, only for their beloved son who was dead. Slowly and gradually my screams got lowered and everything became silent until only  my ashes were left behind. That day I, 18 year old Sita was brutally killed just to fulfill the desires of the society.


I  very thankful to God we don’t have things like Sari pratha anymore. Even though I have many problems in life but I am pretty sure that I won’t get killed for some petty reasons.

This is the first short story I have, hope you guys enjoy it.